Send email to user

I have questions
confused following process

user A makes post
user B likes user A post

by click (like) user A post
automatically send notification email to user A ( you have new messages,user B likes your new post)

I have tried Zappier / gmail
But i could only get user record email address (B)

user record A email address is =nul ( as show up in zapier adalo set up)

Hey I suggest you to use Sendgrid to send email to user:

If you need a tutorial, there is this one and the Adalo official one.


Thank you for reply
I already subscribed your channel
Im going to check video and try

Do i have to become sendgrid pro membership?

Up to 100 emails per day, there is no need of pro plan

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Thank you Montetennis
After i try with your method
it worked perfectly
Thank you so much

Im wondering is it possible to reply email to third party?
not my email address

User A liked post of User B
User B ( post creator) received email (from my apps email as notification )
User B want to reply to User A

currently when i set up sender info in sendgrid
i had put reply to email address manually (only 1 email address)