Sending automatic email to all users

I’m looking for a way to send automatic emails to all users in a data base. Is there a way for it to be done?

check this

or Email Integrations | Integromat

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I would tag @Abracadalo @Flawless

Because they are expert in this.


You can use sendinblue … and do a custom action when the user creates his account or you export the user database, you save the mail in a sendinblue list … then there you create the mailings ( email marketing ) that you can program

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Would you like to send emails simultaneously to multiple users?

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Howdy @ZexKar99

I posted 2 replies on this thread showing how to send a mass email to users using Mailerlite

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Well i need button and action of that button is sending mail to all users in data base

That’s exactly how I explained :wink:

If you have users assigned to a subscriber group (your mailing list), you can send a campaign to all users with 1 API call custom action on a button.

Follow the API docs on the “Create a campaign” link:

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