How to send notifications to all users (or group of users)

I’ve created this short tutorial, thought could be useful to someone!
(This one explains the logic, no need to create a group “all users” becuase there is the pre-built option to send notifications to all users in adalo)…

More advanced, Add users to different groups (different ways)



Good Job, I have seen this topic MANY MANY MANY times, thanks god. :slight_smile:

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Now there should be an answer for it, you say? :slight_smile:

Yes its an answer for it, anyone asks about this I would just link them the video you sent! :wink:

Wow, Thanks a lot for sharing it! :raised_hands:

I didn’t understand.

Have you got a demo of the finished product end to end.

Is this only in-app?

Truly appreciated @montetennis :pray:t5: