Emailing a group of users

Hi, All.

Thanks to all your help I have finally got emails working, however its to one person at a time.

Anyone have a good method for sending an email to a group of users rather than one - offs?

Basically my app has a bidding component in it and I want to automatically send an email to a group of users when a new item is available to bid on.

Thanks all!

Hey there @Bobby

I would recommend following my tutorial with Mailerlite: How to sign up a user for an email list using Adalo and Mailerlite - YouTube

This way, you can segment users by group and send them email campaigns based on the group they are assigned to.

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Thanks, i’ll check it out!

Just watched your video.

Not sure if this will work for me 100% Let me give you a little more detail on my use case.

My app is a bidding app where users bid on jobs in their area.

When a new job becomes available in their area I want to send an email to all users in that area that they have a new job they can bid on.

In your case, its just users opt in to receiving these emails then you just shoot an email to the whole group for marketing. My emails have to go to specific users in area.

Hope that makes a bit more sense.

Going to go watch some more of your videos though!

I understand. Think about the logic of how this is set up and you can configure it to your needs.

In my video, I have a group already created, however, if you follow the API docs, you can create a new subscriber group for the “areas”.

So that when a user sets their location, you can create a new subscriber group or add them to a subscriber group for that area with this documentation on how to add a subscriber to a list.

Then, you can create a campaign and send it to that specified group when a new job becomes available.

I’ll try my best!

I’m not great with APIs that’s why I liked this solution because it was so simple.

Let me see what I can do :smiley:

just add a countdown of 1 second and make it a list of users which are in the bid, and add the email action

A Great Post By Victor!

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What do you mean by that?

Thanks, I’ll check this out!

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