Sending "Current Data" with Custom Actions

I am using Airtable backend for my Adalo app, and am using Custom Action create new records in Airtable. However, when I create a new record, this data is not tracked as “Linked Data” going into the next screen.

Is there any way to manually record the linked record after creating it in an Custom Action so it can be utilized in magic text for the next screen?

Can you share some screenshots of how you have set this up?

Custom actions for external collections (Airtable) will not pass the data to next screen.

As a workaround, you need to use Create/Update functionality for atleast one record and then add a custom action if you’re trying to update linked records in Airtable.

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Thanks for confirming @bhanu - that worked for me.

Hi @bhanu,
I can’t really understand your solution, can you give more explication about your answer please ?