Sequentially Page Through Records Using the Same Screen


Nice tutorial! What’s a good way to message you directly?

I’m glad you liked it! You can message me on Twitter: @_ptford or just email me directly:

Really nice hack. It also works with external collections, which is great. However, I am having a problem with stepping into the next record with an Airtable based collection.

I essentially have a collection called ‘Lessons’ and an external collection called ‘Topics’. Each Lesson can have multiple Topics. I want to page thru each Topic in a lesson using the technique in this post. However, I am not able to step to the next Topic. I have tried to add a filter (see screenshot

) to add 1 to the topic_no field and also tried as magic text (see second screenshot, but does not work. Any ideas? Thanks.

You could do this by replacing the “Magic Text+1” with a custom formula. Also Airtable only takes one filterByFormula at a time so you second one is technically replacing the first one.


If you had multiple recipes and multiple steps associated with each recipe will this cause an issue with the way your database is architect?

For the next recipe for example, you would require multiple new steps, which leads to the question of how do you continue numbering the steps?

I seem to be running up against this issue but not sure how you solved it