1 Item per Page then click next item

Hello, how to do something like shows next item with a button (custom list)? Let say I have an Ideas Collection. Instead of I list all of that Idea in the same page vertically, I just want to list only 1 idea per page. When user click next button, it will shows the next idea that is the created date is newer than the ide before.

I’ve seen this tutorial : Sequentially Page Through Records Using the Same Screen, but it shows how to make a sequentially page with 2 collection. 1 is Recipe, and the other one is Steps.

But mine is only 1 collection.

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It’s just like a Tinder-like style.

Gotcha. The easiest way to do this would be to have an invisible input field with a Next button that has the Action “Change input value”. That action would change what is in the input field and you can filter lists and show records based on what is in that field.

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Yes, and it works fine!

I’m sorry, I still don’t quite get it. What value does this input field contains? And what value that need to be changed (and change into what?)

Can you please elaborate more with a real case value?

Let say in my case I have an Idea Collection that has 4 idea records. It only contains Photo and Title field. So how’s the logic?

So each record in the idea collection would have a number property called idea number or something similar. You can set the initial value of the invisible input to be the first idea when they visit the page, then filter the list based off of what is in the invisible input. When you hit next it adds one to the input so now you’re viewing Idea #2. Hit next again, it changes the input by one, and now you’re viewing Idea #3 and so on.

So when creating the idea in the first place, it should have a custom formula to generate idea number? Something like Idea > count + 1?

Yep, exactly. And you can do this automatically by taking a count of the existing ideas and adding 1 to it.

So far i’ve got the logic. Thanks!

But now I’m stuck in the action to change the input value. I can’t choose a custom formula whatsoever.

Where I can add the logic of “Current input value + 1”?

And what if between one idea to another sometimes have a space? Because I’m filtering the idea based on category. So maybe in category A it will be number 1,2,5,7,11 in category B it willbe number 3,4,6,8,9,10. Because between one and another user can add their idea in different category and in different time. So the number of the idea between category won’t be sequential.

Also what if there are several filtering that in the later some ideas won’t show up to some users even in the correct category. Let say when users choose to not interested with an idea, then those idea will not show up anymore. (It’s same with Tinder)

I think simply adding 1 to the input value won’t work? Or do I missing something here?

Does anybody can give me some hints to doing something like this?

Having the same challenge… :frowning:

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Since I can’t find any solution yet, I’ve applied a trick to achieve this.

I just make an ordinary list that still shows all of the list records, but I add a transparent rectangle in the bottom of the list that extends (very long) downwards.

So whenever the user try to scroll down, they only find a white background and they’ll think that there is no more record below.

After they push the next button (for my case is Accept or Reject), it just make that current record disappeared, and the next record from the bottom will automatically going up.

Here’s the screenshots :

Image 4 Image 3

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