Set a number into a field and create routines

Hello! I’m a new user over here!! And I need to know if someone can help me!

  1. I need an input that set how many groups gonna be necessary on the next screen.

Ex: If client set 1
the next screen gonna create “Routine A” with some others inputs to create the routine.

If set 2
the next screen gonna create Routine A with the inputs and after that a new screen with
Routine B

if set 3
the next screen gonna create routine A, after that B and finally Routine C…

and the routines gonna be saved to be show in another screen in a list.

what do i need to learn to create something like that? Cause i’m trying to create a consultancy app for my clients. And i’d like to create the routines to specifics users…

please! help me with! and sorry about my bad english!

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