Set boolean value based on dropdown when creating a user inside the app

An admin user will be creating other users within the app. How do I assign a boolean value based on the user type? I cannot use the form component since that sign the admin in as the user he creates.

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Here I have an update action that sets the doctor boolean to true if the chosen dropdown field is equal to “doctor” but it is not writing to the user.

Hi @sladerose :wave:

You can do like this. Create a text property and name it as like Type and set update actions.
So first one is Update Logged in user> Type>Other components Selected Dropdown Type.
Then add several update actions and conditions based on that Type property.

I created a app and you can check .

You can clone it and see.

Thank you


I do not want to update the logged in user. I want the logged in user to create other users within the app without signing in to the new user they create. Then I want to assign certain boolean values to that new user that is created.

Okay I see how I might be able to implement this, will give it a try and let you know :slight_smile: Thanks

Perfect I changed one thing and got it to work, thank you!

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Ah ok. So first add create action. Then for the email,name etc add the inputs(other components input) and for the Type other components > selected dropdown type

Then add the update actions.( Update new user )

I added that to the app I created. You can check.

Thank you

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