How to create a boolean


Can someone explain how to create a boolean in Adalo?
A boolean as in I create a form, that onces submitted, it will create a record in another database collection, tried many times without success, everyone says " oh yeah create a boolean for that…" yet no one is showing a step by step, pls a simple step by step with help, this should be a document or tutorial

Thank you

Hi, can you make an example of what you need? We can try to help you

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So i m trying to create an HR saas App. and the possibilities of the Boolean are endless, its what I think makes or breaks the possibility of creating amazing solutions.

So here is my example:

I have a form related to users database, in that form, there is a text input that ask them what is their department, so say they enter marketing.

I want that input then be automatically created in another collection record called departments, so that the next person that want to update their profile, can find Marketing as a dropdown in another form, and so on and so forth, each input from every user, becomes an automatically created record in another dabase collection, that I can then create relations.

I might be thinking about this the wrong way, but being playing for days, I m successful in creating dropdowns in collections and forms using many to one relations, but I want records to also be created from single text forms in another database collection.
below is an example, how can these simple text inputs, become records automatically in another database collection ?

This thing is doable, but require more steps.

I think that unfortunately it is not possible to do this automatically in a single screen, but I’ll explain how I would solve this problem:

In one screen there is the module you are talking about, where there is also the multiple choice of the second collection (department).

at the end of the form, I would insert a button with the message “can’t find your department?”. There is a link to it to a second screen with a form (text only) from the “department” collection.

Once created, the form links back, leading to the previous form to complete the registration with the possibility of adding the newly created department (which will also be available for others)

Thank you, it would work but I see it a bit stretched as a step in 2023, someone said to use a boolean but didn’t explain it. especially say I m onboarding a new company, all needs to be done in one screen, imagine a dozen, or 100 employees signing up, efficiency is key, so one manager creating a department should have it available automatically as a record in another collection. that way the saas is on autopilot, without having me configure it for each company that signs up. I think this a feature that should be added, or if there is a way around this. thank you.

I agree with you on efficiency. it must be said that if you have to add a name that does not exist, you necessarily need a passage like this, the multiple choice does not allow you to enter text.

This step can be disguised in several ways, via a secondary page or via text input that appears only in certain situations. I believe, however, that this step is still mandatory, at least with the adalo system.

If it helps, here’s a two-screen example, better to have a solution than none:

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Ok I think we are saying the same thing, so this works for me perfectly, and I appreciate it, but I do not get how a database collection that has a relation one to many, will give me a text input form instead of a dropdown…let me test it first, it might be Monday and my brain is not functioning lol…

So this is what I want to do, whatever info is input here by any user:

I wanted it updating and adding in this collection records here:


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