Setting payment using API

Hi, I need help with creating a payment feature in my app. I’ll explain what I understand so far, but I’m uncertain about it, which is why I need your confirmation.

  1. I’ll create a payment button in Adalo.
  2. I’ll add a custom action and paste payment API of Epoint (Payment system in Azerbaijan) .
  3. I’ll retrieve the commission value using a magic text.
  4. I will add new action for this button → Linking new screen
  5. New screen will contain only WEB VIEW component

And except to see screen like this:

In here you can see 70.00 gonna be commission and AZN is currency.

Did I understand correctly?

Nobody knows?

If you can pass whatever params you need in the URL of the webview then you should be good.
Can’t say for sure as I am not familiar with that payment provider and their API requirements.

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