Square Payments on Adalo component is LIVE!

Hello everyone!
Would you like to use Square Payments inside Adalo?

We have developed this component for our own needs and it works great.

There are some really cool use cases that come from using Square payments:

  1. You can offer subscriptions with free trials
  2. You can create one-off payments
  3. You can create “tip” payment that is stored as a tip.
  4. Works in test mode and live mode
  5. Stores card on file, so you can access it by calling the Square API (I found it easier than Stripe’s documentation) to create buttons that trigger a payment.

You can see more information and buy the component here

If you have any questions about it, feel free to comment here or DM me!

Try it here: Square Payments Demo


Hi Axel,

Congrats on your first component! :raised_hands:

Is the transaction processed client-side or server-side?

server side!

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Awesome :sunglasses:

May I try?

sure, you can see it here

scroll down and click on open preview to try it :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions