Simple relationship property is not updating when the form is submitted

I have a basic form which is using the Create New record action and consists of a couple of file upload fields. The collection (Applications) has a relationship to users (A user can have multiple applications, an application belongs to the user).

I’ve set an automatic field to add the logged in user to the relationship property of the new Application record but it just not adding it in, I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t… does anyone have any idea?

Is it the same as this?

Try a separate update action after the record is created. Do your relationship adding there.

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I think there must’ve been some kind of delay from the editor to front end, about an hour later it was working as expected :sweat_smile:

Yeah that can happen sometimes.
On the screen you are testing put a temp numerical version value and update it incrementally after your changes are complete, so you can be sure the preview is the latest version of the screen. Sometimes the preview takes 5 seconds to pull the latest version, sometimes a minute or more.

Glad you got it :+1:

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