Shape z-index is always on top

I am trying to use some ellipse and rectangle shapes as my background and for whatever reason, even if I send the to the back and set them on the bottom of the layers panel, they are always on top of everything. There should be a login screen on top of the shapes as shown in the screenshot, but this is all I get. The flat white line is also supposed to be a circle but circles also always turn flat… Any ideas?

Can you show screenshots of your actual screen, the rectangle, ellipse, and any groups you have?

It’s a little difficult to understand what you’re trying to accomplish without a visual to explain it.

Disable any settings you have set for a fixed position (like top or bottom in the edit styles, set all components, lists, and groups to ‘none’)

I reversed the colors, but this is what it should be. All fixed positions are none

This should give a good visual as to how I am doing it. The main background is red. I have a blue rectangle at the bottom. Then I have two circles, white on bottom, red on top, slightly offset to give the white curved split

I don’t think Adalo likes that lol.

I would recommend creating that as a graphic first outside of Adalo, then uploading it to an image component.

I just did this really fast in photoshop using your initial screenshot, but this is the idea:

The bottom is transparent so I’d export this as a PNG. Then, it can lay comfortably on top of the blue background and nothing will be misaligned.

Like this:

Okay that makes sense. Let me try that, thanks!!

Be sure to use exact dimensions for the graphic so that it fits the component.

So click the image and click edit styles. Create the graphic in the dimensions you see there, so in this case it would be 375 width by 435 height in pixels.

Also, since this is your header image, you’ll want to move it about 40 pixels above the screen’s viewport. See the screenshot from the previous reply and how the image sits above the viewport of the screen.

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