Shareable link to a screen on the app

We all know that we can click the SHARE icon on various apps like youtube when you want to share the video or listing. How do we do something like this in our adalo app?

Share button / link:

Share screen:

I would like my users to share listings posted on the site with others. And when it is clicked on, it leads them to download the app first.

This is not available right now in Adalo.

Noted. Is this an inherent technical limit of Adalo’s design or is it possible in the future?

You could create a feature request in Adalo’s Roadmap if it’s not what you are looking for in the links below.

Deep Linking

Anchor Links

Thanks alot! I didn’t know it was called deep links. This feature is definitely a gamechanger and will make the app look more professional and native.

Is there a workaround for this?

No, not right now. But I would expect at least by the end of the year this feature will come out.

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