Shared Database between app and web-app

have not tested yet - but from what i ve read - i would think its totally working this way since Adalo is hosting everything related to the DB if you want to.
Also interested in using that feature next too… :wink:

I think it will work between native apps and mobile web app, but not between native apps and a desktop web app

But, where do I connect it from?

inside the builder I can see the database already linked, I have not produced a webpage still so Have you looked in the tutorials on this matter of database ?

help doc Database - Adalo Resources
other tutorials

Yes this is possible @prakharm8. When you create a new app (web or mobile), in the last step click “Advanced options”. There you can select to use an existing database. This option could be displayed more prominently perhaps, because it’s very useful but a bit hidden.




Wwwooowwwwright, we don’t see this option, at all! Amazing! Thanks @AddyEdwin for this info!

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thank you for the info

It’s not working for me

Can you give some more info please @Codemaine

When i Click on advanced options, and select share app database, when i create the web app it does work.

When i Click on advanced options, and select share app database, when i create the web app it does work.

It does or doesn’t work?

doesn’t sorry for the mistake

What exactly doesn’t work? If you create a record in one app, it doesn’t show up in the other with the shared DB?

The web app doesn’t share the db with the app

Is it possible to share the db when you are using a template cause i’m using the chat template

Yes this is possible.

I’m not sure how this can be the case though as a shared db is just a single db.

Can you DM the app name and app ID (URL) of these 2 apps please.

ok sure i will dm them

Yes, @prakharm8, this is doable. Click “Advanced settings” in the last step of creating a new app (web or mobile). You can choose to use an existing database there. This option might be highlighted more brightly because it is quite beneficial but is a little concealed.

Does it work between web app and native app? I created a web app for desktop first but can’t login with the native mobile app with the same credentials and the database doesn’t reflect the user records. I am also a pro user

I found the answer to my question here.

On the new app you are creating and want to share a database you need to choose a blank template. Any template besides blank will not be able to share a database. i have confirmed that this is the case.