Where do I get my Adalo app link

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Please help.

Where do I get my Adalo app link? I would like to allow users to share my Adalo app via WhatsApp from the app.

Is it possible to have user share my app to their contact in WhatsApp so that their contact can simple click a link and be directed to a page on my app?

Note: My App is still in development, not yet on play store


Hi @kaniwriter,

You can get your App URL clicking the Share button on your top right corner! : How to show my app to others without upgrading - #2 by dilon_perera

You can add the share action to a button and add the Url there to share the Url via WhatsApp!

Or you can use the external link action like this : Share to WhatsApp button on Adalo - YouTube ( made by Nathan )

And also there’s a component made Pragmaflow for this feature! Check it here : Sharing user content on Social Media

For Deep Links like open this page is not possible as far as I’m aware for PWA. Possible with Native with this component : Deep Linking in Adalo (well, deep-ish linking)

But for PWA you can do something like this with Arbitrary JavaScript component made by Pragmaflow : Direct links to products or websites - #4 by Flawless ( posted by Flawless )

And I guess that you can use the Arbitrary JavaScript component made by Pragmaflow and get that screen URL and add that Url on the action too : Specific URL with QR for PWA - #9 by Ninline ( posted by Nathan - @Ninline )

Hope this helps!

Thank you

Thanks @dilon_perera
Does the share app link still apply also for when I upgrade and have my app on play and apple stores?

Will the link direct people to the app store to download the app?


You mean if this URL works in Native right? I’m not sure if the added PWA URL will open. If not you can add the Url of that app from the app store or you can use the Deep Link component!

You mean the added URL? Not sure about that too but I think no and after publishing you need to add the Url of the app in the app store.

Also for make this dynamic you can create a collection in your database and keep only one record and store the Url and you can make the share button a list and connect it to that collection and add that current URL in the action. And you only need to edit the Url from the database and it will apply directly!

Brilliant idea.
Thank you for making it very clear. This was helpful.:blush:

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