Allow users to share the app download link

Hi guys!
I create and App and I would like users to be able to share the App with their friends to invite them to download the App.
For example, a share button when users click on it it populates the options to share via anything like whatsapp, twitter, facebook, etc. And when someone clicks on the share link it will take them either to App Store or Google Play Store.

Thank you very much!

For semplicity you can create a landing page of your app (hope you have one) accessible from the web with the link for android and apple.
And then create a sharing button with that link.
The fact is that in adalo is not easy do create deep links so it is better if you choose the sharing modality before and choose the relative api.
In my case for exampl I choose a share using whatsapp and the landing page

Thank you for your reply @Filli . It gives me hope that what I need is doable in Adalo. However, I am a beginner level in this and I would need a more detailed guide to do it. Can you make a tutorial or can you you share some screenshot of the process? That would help not only me but a lot of other Adalo users.

Thank you again.

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