Integromat - Getting New Row From Adalo And Adding To Google Sheet

Hi, I am new to using Integromat and I was looking for some help with integrating Adalo and Google Sheets. The work process I wanted was:

  1. New Record Created In Adalo Table
  2. Add This Record To Google Sheets if the column has a row with a specific string

Is this integration possible? I have come up with the following but does not seem to run correctly. Any advice would be appreciated!!

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 3.09.00 PM|690x247

Taking a look at your print screen, You didn’t apply any filters to the condition to get the record(s).

I tested applying a filter between Watch Records and Get a Record and it worked all ok.

If you want all records based on a condition, you should use “List Records” and apply the filter before.

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Thank you very much for the help! I have tried to play around and it has started to work! I am having this problem though in the implementation:

Two of the rows I have in the records are linked to other Database Collections in Adalo. For example one of them is user and this column is being populated in the Google Sheets with an integer value. However, this user columns’ collection has multiple columns like Name, E-mail, Phone etc. Is there a way to pull information like the Name and push this row into Google Sheets?

Let me see if I got this right:
2 collections in Adalo, one you send USer ID to Google Sheets, and from this ID you want to get the details from the other Adalo Collection to Google Sheet and update those ID rows with the remaining info?

Sorry let me try to explain with visual as to what is going on:
Currently in the User field of the data I am pulling I am getting an integer as in this picture:

This is pulled from the following collection in Adalo:

However, I want to get the Full Name column from the connected user column in the previous screen shot:

My issue comes up where I do not know how to access the db shown in the final screen shot into my workflow in integromat. All the information I need is not going through. Does that make sense?

ok, this USER ID also comes from an ADALO collection?

Yes exactly, but I am trying to pull the Full Name column from Users but am just getting an integer when pulling from Screening Tests. Thanks for the assistance!

So in that case:

Watch records is the Screening tests collection
In get a record you can use the Users collection

Then between Get a Record and Google sheet, set the User ID filter


And in Google Sheet in Get a record, remember the Record Id is the User ID you picked up from Collection users, but in Watch records, User ID is the “Symptom Free->User[]” that comes from the collection relationship.

. Hope not too confusing.

Thank you! This seemed to help! I just have one final question for this integration. If I were to integrate one more collection, would this be possible? There is another column Production whose name I want to extract. Is this possible?

Hi @dreamnid ,
Did you solved this? You just need to add more actions to the “chain” and more sure the filters and fields you are mapping are the corrects:


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