Sharing not yet implemented web preview

Hi all,
How can I test the share button component? Do I need to do this in Testflight or .apk in Android? When I preview my app in the browser, I get an error message: “Sharing is not yet implemented in web preview. Use the Proton app.”

Simply download the Adalo proton app, just search Adalo in store & yes they not maintain this app so if you found any UI error like your button is rounded in webview but you will found square button in Proton App then no need to change anything this error occur due to they not maintaining the Proton app anymore so, just download & test your app with basic things.

When you refer to the ‘Proton app’, do you mean the previewer app you can download in the Play Store? The last time it was updated was Aug 2019, so you might be right.

@Ben @jeremy, is this correct, that you aren’t keeping the previewer app updated?

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That’s correct, we no longer support that app.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the confirmation.

So what’s the best way of testing apps?

Thanks for all of your work on Adalo! :slight_smile:

You can test using the preview/share links on the web. Once you’re ready to build the native app, you can install the .apk file directly on your android phone. For iOS, you can use Testflight.