Serious Issues with Proton Previewer in App mode

I am just in the middle of my app, I just saw that most components are missing in Previewer via ProtonApp

I saw this thread Trouble with Adalo previewer. And see issue continues to appear.

From the Proton I see Missing:

  • ChipList
  • AvatarList
  • ImageSlider
  • Code Scanner

Scanner is the basis of my app, without it is is useless. How can I test my app?

Thank you.

Hi @JL_LJ, welcome to the forum!

Yes the Previewer is not the best representation and is really best for testing quick, simple functionality. For more accurate testing I always use the Share option and install to my phone, or go ahead and push to Testflight/Google Beta test to get a better idea of what the final product will be.


Hi @pfordmedia thanks :).

It did the work for most of the stuff, but I guess QR scanner really needs the GOogle Beta TEst. BUt I can already see much better and test the app with the share option. Thank you very much.

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