Should be simple- somehow impossible | Part 2

I’m trying to update a simple list by typing something in a text field then clicking a button.

So the list populates with what I just wrote in the text field when I click a button.

How can I do this?

What action are you assigning to the button when you click it? Please provide as much detail as possible to get the answer quickly. :slight_smile:

I’m assigning a Create action to the button.

So that the database is updated, and whatever I wrote in the text field is displayed in the list.

I want users to be able to add things to a list by typing in a text field pressing a button, and be able to scroll down a simple list to read past entries they’ve added.

Is it the button not working or the list not populating well? Are you associating the list with the user (Relationship), for the user to see their own results?

Thanks guys for your help, but my genius has struck again. (please be around for next time though :pleading_face:)

Text Field: Leave as is

Button: Create > whatever you called your collection > Magic Text > Form Input > whatever you called your text field

Simple List: What is this a list of?: whatever you called your collection

Boom :boom:

Seems like a super helpful community, I’ll stick around.

Until the next annoyingly-tiny problem!



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