Using text field with button instead of form

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How do you setup a text field And separate button to save as a db update rather than using a form?

There are a couple of ways to do this.

The first way is to add a custom list to a page and link it to the collection you want to update. You then build out the page using Text Input components for the items you wish to update in the collection. Be sure to use the magic text feature in the default value field so your user can see the current input for that particular field.

Once you have your sections built out, you then need to add an action to your button and choose update. This will create the action to update the items you have available for the user to update. From there, you need to map the update function inputs to the Text Input component for each field.

The second way to tackle this problem is similar to the first option but instead of starting with a custom list, you start by building out the page from scratch. Once you have the page built, you then select all of the items on your page and choose Create List from inside the menu panel. You then need to link the list to the collection you want to update, add the update action to your button, and get everything linked up.

I have included a few screen shots below to hopefully help in a visual way.

The screen on the left is the original form and the screen on the right is the update screen.

Select your “Update” button (or whatever you want to call it…

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 15.14.18

Then click on the add an action button and choose update:

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 15.15.03

Click the magic text picker from inside the collection item you want to update then choose form inputs and select the form input you want to use to update that record. I found it very helpful to rename all of my form input fields so I could easily determine which filed was which… otherwise you end up with Text Input 1, Text Input 2, Text Input 3, and so on…


This help document should also help you achieve your goal:

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