Show date once at the start of everyday for a list of messages

Hey all,

Trying to get my list of messages to display the date once at the start of all the messages that fall within that day.

It currently displays the date for every message within that day but I just want to display it once

Any tips/tricks for this please?

Hi @Joey ,

Short answer, it can’t

Long answer, it can but with more workarounds, that will slow down even more, so being in no code, we need to really pick the features carefully, adding more visibility to component inside the list will add more burden, this is probably not seen in high speed internet near the cloud server in US, but for the rest of us, it is not worthed.

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Hey there @Joey

If you have a sequential count of messages for that conversation, you can use the message # as a filter to hide the created date/time on previous messages.

Select your created date text component and set the visibility to Sometimes Visible if > Current conversation > Message Count > is equal to 0. Add a custom filter where message # is greater than current message > message # and another custom filter where current message > sending user > email > is not equal to logged-in user email.
Like this:

Do the same for the other group, except change is not equal to logged-in user email to IS equal to logged-in user:


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That’s a great workaround, thanks for the tip @Flawless!

Question though: How does the message# reset at midnight? Does this workaround only show once when a conversation is initiated?

The message number does not reset. The created date displays on the latest sent message for both logged-in user and the other conversation user.

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Gotcha. Thanks @Flawless!

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