Adding "seen" message to the chat


Could someone help with the following, I want to add “seen” message to a text message in the chat when a user see the message.

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I have been trying to figure this out for a social style news feed in my app as well. One thing I am considering, but haven’t yet tried to implement is to leverage time stamps. For example, use a time stamp on the page when a user visits a conversation. Create a condition tag on the dot/element that signals the message is new. The condition should say that if the time a user visits the page is AFTER the message is created then the dot/element should NOT be visible. Just a thought. Kind of wonky way to implement this, but not sure of easier ways. May break if there are tons of older messages that have not been read.

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Many:many relationship field to users. Call it UsersRead.
When the user opens the message add logged in user to the “UsersRead” field.

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You can also use a JOIN table and a count. I prefer the method above for simplicity.

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