How should I do this?

I want to display contents only for 30 min after being created.

Hi @Yuki.O ,

Try this,
Sometime visible if created date is after 30 mins ago

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Yongki~~~! Long time no see! Thank you always.
I tried, but it didnt show on List of “sometime visible”.
And, the Rectangle of “sometime visible” has another filter already. I need this too.

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Hey, great you are still here.

Use visibility for the component inside the list, not the list itself.

Try put it in rectangle, which usually what we have when we use custom list.

And it should be like current question>created date.

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Yeah you too man(:

You are taking about like this image, right?
It has another filter already, so I cant add anything…

Sorry for adding,

It works by doing as what you say like this pic below.

But, I need one more another filter like this pic(same as the pic that I sent just before this comment: :current question>Reply>Count >Current Reply >User>Email is equal to Logged in user > Email is equal to 0)

Then, this filter doesnt work…
Sorry for my messy English, but Really appreciate you🙇‍♂️

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You can do make group on the left panel.

Glad that you follow up.

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Thank you @Yongki

You mean like this, or should I make a group within the List?

Make group of this rectangle.

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I want to cry. Im done! Yongki, so thank you🙇‍♂️
Im sorry, like I cant give back anything to you. but really appreciate. Thank you so much🙇‍♂️

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Great, happy to help.

You are persistent and likely to get the result what you want. :smiley:

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