Show long formatted text

Our app will have several long articles. The goal is to keep the text of the article in the database. Is it possible to have formatted text that is several paragraphs long with bold and italics in the database and them displayed in the app? Or is there an alternative I’m missing?

The “text” component seems pretty basic.

Unfortunately the text options are very limited and another issue I have found is any long piece of text slows the editor down when trying to move or edit it, I would go as far as to say it causes the editor to crash.

The other option is to add it as html using the nocoder html plugin. This works a lot better until you get to the point of uploading it to the Play store and then it crashes the app when you try and open it on your phone (not tested in IOS yet) so I had to delete the html plugin and use long text in Adalo.

My goal is to have the text for articles in the database. I see with the HTML window you can feed it a link to an external document. Can you just feed it HTML directly?

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