Show pictures of external link in my app

Hello guys,

I am making an app where people can post things on their profile.

For example if someone is posting a link (url) from an external source (like a news article) and publish it, i would like that the picture (thumbnail) from the original article appear on the post.

Kinda like facebook that will show a picture related to the article when we share an url.

If you know if this is possible and how? that would be awesome :tada:

Thank you

Hi @Matt,

Welcome to the forum!
I’ve made a video reg. this, see here: Adalo integrations: how to generate preview for websites' links - YouTube

Best regards, Victor.


Thank you very much Victor for your reply and it is awesome to have made a video.

This will be super useful !

I will try it out :pray:t2:

See you on youtube


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