Showing multiselect record in text

When I use the Multi-select component in a form, and then want to show the selected items within a text component in detailed screen, it seems kinda impossible.
The only option I have is “Count” as shown here:

What component, or what way, should I use to show the selected items?
It’s a related item.

The information is held in the form inputs/selects from other pages.This can be accessed in the menu as in the screenshot below.

This doesn’t work with multiselect component…
I can’t find a way to use this component and show the selected items (as text) in another screen.
Any solution?

Yes you are right. Currently the multiselect component does not send data with it to other screens. You can get around this by using the multiselect to create a record in a collection, then send that to the screen you need it.

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