How to display a list of items from a field - currently count is the only option

Hi, I have used the Multi-select dropdown to add a series of names to a record in a collection. Now I want to show those names in a text field. But when I try to choose that, it only show “Count”. How can I get it to list out the names… ie “Name 1, Name 2, Name 3”.

Here is a video showing the data and how I want to display it.

Hi @TonyD,

As I understand, you have a list of sites, which are connected to a certain trip?
Then I don’t see any easy way to put all these sites into a single label.
What you could do is to create a list inside the list: make the list from this label, make it a list of sites, filter it by current trip, and then you’ll be able to access the sites’ names from inside this list.


Not a list I don’t think… The names come from a separate collection (Sites). The user selects from Sites using the MultiSelect drop down selector, which then inputs them into the property in Trips.

See Dive Sites for Trip in attached pic.

Hi @TonyD,

Here is the video, which explains what I mean:

Best regards, Victor.

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OK that is pretty cool, I would not have thought of even trying it that way, so the video is great. Thank you.

I think I can make this work for me.

Hopefully Adalo just allows us to do this as a text list in the future.

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Thank you, glad I could help @TonyD!

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