Side menu doesn't scroll down


It looks like the side menu doesn’t scroll down, and I have to refresh it continuously. At a certain point even refreshing does not work.


Hi @giancarlo,

Same issue here.
For me it doesn’t scroll after I change any setting there (e.g. add a property to the database collection).
Fortunately, in Firefox scrollbar stays visible, so it’s possible to scroll it manually with the mouse.

But this bug is very, very annoying. Seems it is related to touchpad.
Just for the record: Macbook Air with Touchpad, MacOS 10.14.6, both Chrome and Firefox.

Best regards, Victor.

For me it’s not only the left pane, but collection edit modal as well…

Same with me. I need to refresh all the time

Same for me too :neutral_face: - it works initially on page reload, but after I add something the scrolling in the left side pane stops working. Also Cursor not working when editing text in the left hand pane.

Same issue
Has anyone opened a ticket?
@adalojosh @Adalo_CXTeam

Hey Everyone! We just deployed a fix for this. If you refresh once you should get the fix and be good to go. Please let us know if you still see if after this. As always thanks for building with no-code!


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