UI Bug in Custom Actions

I just noticed that there is a UI problem when creating a custom action:
In step 2 where I enter the JSON into the Body area, it is almost impossible to navigate.
Cursor actions like up and down don’t work as expected.
Scrolling with my magic mouse is impossible.
I am usually working on MAC with Chrome.
Double checked on Windows Edge: The same problem with the cursor actions and scrolling on touch pad. At least I can see and use a scroll bar here (not available on MAC).
Makes it almost impossible to enter more than 4 lines of JSON.
@Ben @jeremy I know it’s still in beta, but would be nice to get the UI fixed.
BTW: Is there another way to report bugs? Instead of @ someone from the Adalo team?
Thank you

Just noticed that there are more problems with scrolling and navigation in the browser:
While updating the details for the custom action I created, scrolling down to see more fields just stopped working.
I need to refresh the page to be able to continue working.


You’re correct, it’s not specific to custom actions. We’re working on getting this fixed ASAP.

Just saw this: Problem scroling the side menu in adalo - #2 by ashley.
Seems this was the same bug. Scrolling is now working in the screen to maintain the custom action.
Down and up arrows still don’t work when editing the JSON, only left and right.
But I guess this is a feature?