Signature component does not display correctly in iOS (bug?)


I went across the different topics related to the signature component but I didn’t see anything to solve my issue, and I’m wondering if it is a bug or a mistake on my end.

On the Adalo editor, my signature component looks like that:

With the PWA, it looks like that (blue bar in the middle which prevents to be well displayed): Screen Recording 2021-03-09...

With TestFlight, the commands don’t even appear and it is impossible to save the signature:

Did anyone meet those problems by any chance ?

Thank you very much for your help!

You’re not alone! I am having the same exact issue causing a core part of my app from not being able to function completely.

Just to update you on this, @JB_Demorrange:

After reaching out to Adalo support they’ve told me that the component will need to be updated by the developer since it’s third-party (they reached out to them too). However, if the development team over at Adalo has the time and bandwidth, they will take care of it. Hang tight!

Great, thanks a lot for the update Chris!

Hi Team @adalo,

Is there any updates on getting this bug fixed? The “Clear & Save” fields are still missing with this component when using apps through IOS.

This is critical to what I am creating.

Would really appreciate some feedback please guys.


Hi @c.hris / @anon78309838

Is there any movement with this? Alternatively is there any other way I can create a signature box without this component? Appreciate your help and hope you’re both having a great Monday so far.


Apologies, I have not heard back yet regarding this component nor tried it since then. By the looks of you checking in on this post, I’m assuming the issue is still persistent.

Hi @c.hris, yes the problem is still the same unfortunately. I’m trying to work out a solution and the best I can think of is completely removing this component and when the user confirms the work he/she are submitting it enters their full name from the magic text.

The signature element was great and really made the work submission process look and flow much more professionally but for sakes of presentation the main thing is that it works.

Take care mate.

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Can we get an update on this? It’s really frustrating as this is a core part of my app.

The last I heard on the topic was December, Colin said they were building a signature component

I built a fixed version and put it in our marketplace located here

However that has been offline since January 7th and we are waiting on Adalo to send us some documents to bring it back online. Once it is online you can use the signature component from our marketplace and it will fix your issue on Safari and Native.

Thank you!