Signing up Problem

Hey! I’m having a problem where when I try to sign up in my app, the duplicate email error shows up even when there’s no users on the app.

Here’s how it’s setup:

@Leaders @Experts anyone…?

change it to equal 1 instead of 0 and try that

Hey @terminaious,

As an alternative I would suggest going a different direction: you can make a Sign Up button conditionally visible, and the condition will be Users → Count, where Email is equal to Input.

Also in your case I can’t see any email field. If email value in Sign-Up action is empty, you might get “duplicate email” error.


I don’t really know what you mean. Also I didn’t show the whole thing, there is an email input. Here’s a clonable link to look into: Converseo

Signup works if you fill in all necessary fields (email, password, username).

Still in my experience it is better to use email-only signup, as username signup is kind of glitchy in Adalo.

In regards to avoiding creating records with duplicate values, these 2 old videos can give you some idea:


Hi @Victor! Thanks for the tip, Will it work better if I remove the username from signup but ask the user to add one after signup?

Edit: Oop i tried and it didn’t work

Yes. Make a simple sign-up form, email + password. Signup checks for email uniqueness so no need for a conditional.

Then update logged-in user’s Username property on the next screen.

Detailed flow depend on your requirements.

Still not working, even switched to default form. Can you have a look? The app is cloenable: Converseo

:white_check_mark: UPDATE: This issue has been solved now. I cloned the app on another account and it works well.

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