Signup - Automatic Fields not setting

I don’t expect a solution. I’m not going to bother making a support ticket - they always says it’s not their problem / not their priority.

My registration / signup page has three variables that set automatically.

  1. An ID number (because adalo doesnt let you save your recordID)
    The RecordID is Users>ID (My own variable, not Adalos) Maximum +1
    But it’s only processing every four people.

The other variable that is setting is a random number for a password field.

And the third variable is the same as the first one, because I need it set in two fields.

When a person gets skipped, it throws off all the numbers moving forward. If it even sets it.

So far, I’ll get a person set as 1 randomly or a blank. Only two out of at least ten signups have set properly.

Previously, I had handled this with a custom API request instead of the built in sign up form.

However, I soon realized that the API would allow people to sign up multiple times with the same email address (this caused issues, obviously).

And that the API didn’t always trigger (which led to confusion for people that thought they were signed up, were then sent to a payment page - and everything started falling apart).

I had considered hacking together a universal variable to track the max ID and pull that into the form.

However - Adalo assured me that their systems could support 12k+ people.

I don’t see why I should have to add 2 times or 3 times as many actions, steps, and processes, just to set a variable during a registration process. Which is part of the built in form.

So. Here we are.

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