New Signups without Email?

I’m doing a big user growth push today and I noticed that well over half new signups are fully blank. Like not even email addresses attached to them. How is that even possible with Adalo’s sign up? I’ve ran this app over a year on here and this is the first time I’m experiencing this.

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Depends on your signup process but it’s possible that they can create a user without any fields being populated then just leave before they have to populate them.

Doesn’t seem possible since these are required fields at sign up.

Do you have a condition on that signup button to not create a user if all of those fields are not complete?

Seems like someone is just going in there and clicking your signup button, if no information is in the fields it is just creating a blank user.

I don’t because that’s just not possible in Adalo. No conditional options on that type of action. Only custom duplicate email messages. Plus adalo forms won’t work if a required field is not completed.

I also just tested it and it is not creating a blank account.

Yeah I didnt know if you were using a form or not.

Not sure what could be causing this, might want to reach out to Adalo Support.

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Thanks for helping try to think through it! Appreciate you.


Hi Thomas,

Try deleting the form and adding it again.

If not work Submit A Support Ticket.

Thank you

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I’m not going to do that since the form works. I can’t repeat the error on my end after trying many times. Nothing you can do to this form to create a blank user. Plus this is a mobile app, so to do so just to do it would take rounds of testflight testing, submiting to app store, waiting for review, all to update.

We’re in the middle of an influencer marketing push that cost us thousands of dollars to go live today. Very frustrating.

Sorry this isn’t a solution but we’ve also been seeing similar behaviour in one of our apps published in the app stores.

Same standard Adalo login form with all fields required.

We’re not getting quite as many blank records as you but definitely seeing blocks of new ‘users’ without any details.

Just throwing ideas out there, might not be relevant.

Is it possible you have a “create” user somewhere in the app by accident? Like instead of using “update” we accidently use the “create”, etc.

Like i said might not be relevant, just ideas. I’m not seeing this with my app’s signups.

Definitely reach out to Adalo as well.

Forgot to mention, check the signup/login screen actions too, like the “When user visits this screen” … an action could be in there too.

This problem all seems to have suddenly stopped. Hadn’t had a blank signup in the last 75 or so signups. Very very odd. Thank you all for spitballing ideas!