Create New User and Update Record

Hello fello Adalo creators!

Is it possible to create a new user record and update the record at the same time? I hope that makes sense?
I created a property called “new user signup” in the Users database and would like it to change to True when a new users signs up. I would also like to record the date and time the new user signs up.

I have manage to create this when a user make a subscription payment, it records their subscriber status, day and time. But I can’t seem to do this upon the new users first sign up for the app.

This is so I can create a future actions based on when the user initially signed up for the app. For example create a free trial that ends 3 days after the initial sign up. Or signs the user out after a specific amount of time being logged into the app.


Each record has a created and updated timestamp field. You can add more timestamp fields for this sort of thing and you have it by proxy with created, but I would put it in a dedicated field.

Create your signup_date field
On the new user signup form add an automatic field signup_date set the value to current time

Hello, If you’re using a form component you can simply add the properties to the “Automatic field” section. And If you’re using inputs and a “Signup” button without a form component, you can include all the info in the (Signup action).

Thank you!

Thank you!

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