Signup page issue

Hello Everyone,

Did any of you run into the issue with a signup screen in the preview mode? When I try to sign up as a new user to see how my app works I can’t get past this screen. Would greatly appreciate your help:)

Hi @Olenka :wave: :wave:

@Olenka so you already added a screen and a form to sign up. Check whether does that form is sign up the user.

If not change to that and see.

And if you already added this and not working submit a support ticket @Olenka

I see the LOGIN text on the button. I think you have set that form to log the user. Change it to sign up the user and see @Olenka

Thank you :innocent:

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It was actually doing sign in instead of sign up so you are spot on! Thank you! :grinning:

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That was the case! Thank you :grinning:

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Your Welcome @Olenka :innocent:

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