Signup Screen Not Linking to New Screen

I don’t know why, but when user signup with the Signup form, they are not redirected to the following screen.

If I try to signup, the User record is created correctly in the Users collection, but the redirect does not happen.

What am I missing?

Hi @Productology,

Did you try deleting the Link action and reloading your tab and adding it again?

Just for test : Did you try removing the brackets in the screen name and trying?

Thank you

I tried both: nothing…

And have you checked if the sign-up action is happening? As in, if the user is being created when they click the button.

Because one reason why nothing is happening is that Adalo can’t create the user, so the first action never completes.

So when sign-up and then check the database, is the user created?

@Productology have you been able to debug in other ways? Such as adding another button and seeing if it links? Or changing the order of the actions on the Submit button? Or removing the sign up action and just checking if the link works on it’s own. Lastly what about a hard refresh on the browser and opening up the browser console so you can see if any errors are thrown when you click on Submit? I’m assuming its something local as other people would have reported the problem too. Good luck

I deleted the signup form, created a new one and now it’s working.
I have no idea why…


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