Sign Up Form doesn´t works

Hi. I´m using the SignUp form but it doesn´t work in the published app. When i click the sign up button nothing happens. Only appears the circle arrow over the button.

In the preview it works fine.

¿Someone with the same problem?

I don’t know how to solve It.

In the preview works fine

Can you share a preview link so I can try it?

Thanks in advance.

Works for me. I got taken to this screen.

Try clearing your cache and trying again.

In the preview works fine, not in a Android device.

Sorry I should have read more carefully. Is it in the playstore?


I have another app that works fine, but i can´t find the problem.

OK, same for me on Android, loading spinner.
What other actions run on that signup button? You can’t stack anything that references the logged in user. It works on some devices but not ‘some’ Androids.

The actions are:


Nothing unusual there. Get onto support and I would meanwhile remove those actions and remake them, then. make another build

Sorry I can’t help any more than that :confused:

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Thank you very much !!!

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