Simple deep linking in Adalo

I am looking to do deep linking, is it possible?
I need to make 1000 custom url for a contact page.
(It’s a PWA)

i can help dm me or email me at

Can you elaborate more? What do you mean by 1000 custom URLS for a contact page @nl2001

Hi @nl2001

There is a component here on which does that for you, you can check it ou!

Of course!
I will try to be clear and synthetic.
I have to create 1000 user profiles where I have to integrate 1000 unique codes (each profile has a unique code). These will allow me to link the unique codes of these users to unique URLs. The goal is then to integrate these unique URLs to unique QR codes.

For example :

I’m going to watch this!

Yes, this is possible. There is a way to get that link.
Luckily, you do not have to create any unique codes for each user given that adalo assigns unique ID to each DB record.

Could you share a link to your app (PWA) so I can create 3 user profiles and show you how it works?

Note: This mostly works on iOS. I haven’t figured out just yet how to make it work on Android

Thank you Mohammed,
You have solved my problem, I had not even thought of that… :slight_smile:

how does it work tell me

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