Hire someone for custom URLS on web apps

I am looking to hire someone to build a component for custom URLs on a web app. Essentially, the user needs a custom URL profile page like Linktree (www.domain.com/username). Adalo does not have a way of doing this at the moment but I would love to hire someone to build a custom component if they know how!

Thank you so much :blush:

Hi, @Jundi I understand your problem. What kind of problem are you facing. Because I faced this problem earlier on doing custom URL on my web apps.
So I reach a company ConvrtX Who solved my problem Very easy way. Because they know about this. I would also recommend you to at least one time you have to approach it.

Hey Paige, thank you so much I just contacted them! Hopefully, they can solve the problem! :blush:

Thanks again!

Hi @Jundi,

I have the exact same need. I would be willing to pair up for a solution for this!



So far I have tried to hire someone from upwork, Bubblle, Fiverr, anything lol. Crazy, no one can do it.

Have you tried pragmaflow deep linking?

Hey @njimmy10 ! I have, but it’s only for native IOS or android and not web apps. Thanks though!

:joy: Let me know when you found someone!

Lol 100%, I am legit even trying to learn bubble, but it’s honestly so overwhelming haha.

If someone who can help us :joy:, check out these job posting:

Thanks @Jundi taken my suggestion. Can I ask you a question. Are you approach it or not.

The reason why no one is taking up the task is because it is a non-trivial task. I can build native deep linking because all the code required is app code and I have access to all app code. I cannot build it for PWA because I don’t have access to change the manifest.json, that is Adalo servers that I do not have access to modify. I cannot do it on web for the same reason. Adalo engineers can solve the problem easy, I would need to hack their system and inject code, which would cause the FBI to knock on my door (I could, but risk reward makes me stay away).

So, to get this working there are two options, make a specific link for every user and use what is called 30X redirects using something like NGINX (not viable) or to create a new server that contact the adalo api to get the information that translates USERNAME to the crazy url address in adalo and syncs with adalo api often because if you have more than 1,000 users the adalo api does not work well.

Now, to hire someone like me to build a server and setup all the routing to get this to work would cost, easily $5,000, and for that and it would only work for you and only for /username.

Now, if you have $5,000 to spend on the link, might as well go all in for $20,000 and hire a firm to build it off adalo rather than getting the hack to work.

I suppose another possible option would be to hire Adalo to set this up on their servers. That would solve it for everyone and will be easier than my solution, but I doubt they would do it.

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lol That is the legit best answer I could have received haha.

Thank you for the clarification and hopefully Adalo reads this haha