Simple Goal System in Adalo 🎯

:rocket: Creating a Rewarding Mission System in Adalo :dart:

Do you want to engage your users by rewarding them for their achievements in your Adalo app? Follow these simple steps to create a mission system that’s bound to keep your users motivated and engaged. :smiley:

:bar_chart: Step 1: Setting Up the Database :clipboard:

First, let’s organize your data. Each user has his own “Total Earnings” and, after reaching some thresholds, we want to give them a gift or reward.
Under the user collection, create “Missions” as a boolean field. For instance:

  • Mission 1 (true/false)
  • Mission 2 (true/false)
  • And so on…

This database structure will serve as the foundation for tracking user missions.

:desktop_computer: Step 2: Designing the Mission Screen :art:

Now, let’s craft a visually appealing mission screen. You can add a text description, a progress bar to visualize the user’s progress, and a button for each mission. Group these elements together and clone them as needed to display all the missions neatly.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Step 3: Setting Progress Bars :checkered_flag:

For the progress bars, configure the minimum value to be the “Total Earnings” of the user. This is achieved using “Logged in User - Total Earnings.” The maximum value should correspond to the milestone for each mission.

:trophy: Step 4: Claiming Rewards :gift:

Time to implement the reward claim functionality! The “Claim” button should execute two actions:

  1. Update the “Logged in User” by adding the reward to their total earnings.
  2. Update the “Logged in User - current mission” to “true.”

But, here’s the kicker! Only display the “Claim” button if the mission is not yet accomplished. To do this, set up a conditional link that redirects users to a screen or popup with a message like “Award Already Collected” when the mission is already marked as “true”. If you do this, make sure to have also the first update conditional, otherwise users will receive multiple times the same reward.

Instead, you can hide already claimed mission with visibility rule on the whole mission group (text-progress bar-button in this case)

That’s it! You now have a user-friendly and visually appealing mission system in your Adalo app. Keep your users engaged, motivated, and excited as they strive to achieve their goals. :smile::star2:

Please note that this guide is intentionally kept simple and is ideal for creating a basic mission system with a small number of missions, approximately 10 to 20. If you plan to expand to a more extensive mission system, it’s advisable to manage everything through a database for scalability and efficient mission tracking. For now, enjoy setting up your mission system! :rocket::bar_chart:

Let me know if this was helpful :muscle: