Simple list related to user and job


I’m creating an app to take in charge jobs.

I’ve 2 collections which contain =

User : name, mail, adress
Jobs : status (beginning / take in charge ), type of job,…

When the user takes in charge the job, the status change (beginning → take in charge).
But ! My problem is that when I click on the page related to the user jobs (the jobs that he has take in charge) I see all the jobs that have been taken in charge (from a user x or y)
Instead of seeing the jobs that have been taken by him.

Sorry I’m not really good in english, hope you have understood :slight_smile:

Hello! Maybe i could help
You should go on Jobs - Add a new Property - Relationship with users (many to many)
So you have a list of jobs, and a list of users.
When a User Click on the button for getting the job (if i understood correctly the app) it updates the user - Add - Current Job
Then on the User Jobs section use a custom filter for the list, something like this.
Logged in User - Contains current Job
So the user will see only his “Jobs”

Hope that helped