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What is the easiest way to create list like this:

Employer posts a open job for all job seekers. Then one of the job seekers takes the job and becomes worker for this employer. Now the employer wants to post a open job for only the workers and not all job seekers.

The problem is that there is going to be many employers in one app so how I could create the database know what employer the worker belongs and also the worker could work for many employers.

Not an expert; I’m actually fairly new. But, this sounds easy.
It’s just a matter of setting up your relationships correctly. And, since one employer can have jobs for both employees and seekers, I THINK you’ll need a submenu… or an option for the employer to choose which list their post belongs to. Hope that helps.

  • employers
  • employees
  • job seekers


Normal Users :

Employers :


Hi thanks for this! I still have to ask some help. So I am trying to learn from your copy and do same thing by myself and almost got everything working but some how I still don’t understand how the relationships should be correctly do when trying to create my_workers.

I guess I set up the relationships wrong because in your clone there is accept button for employers and update logged in user (employer) My_Workers add current apply → User. I tried to copy that but in my app there never shows add current apply → User…

It only let’s me add → Job which is the job name

Hi @roope257,

Between which collections you created the My Workers relationship? If you like you can send me a DM and I’ll look at your app!

Thank you


I added the relationship myworkers to user → jobs.

That should be Users to Users.


Thanks! I didn’t even think that it could be possible to add relationship between same collection. :smiley: Now it works.

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