Create a list that only shows other users available Jobs

I have created a list that shows “all jobs”. I am having difficulty adding a filter to show all jobs EXCEPT for the ones the logged-in user created.

This is where the job is originally created.

This is the list I want to show only jobs that have been created by OTHER users, not the logged in user.

Hi Seasta

Create a field in jobs called “Status”. For these, I usually use “Available”, “Pending” or “Assigned”, “Complete” and “Cancelled”.

When the job is created, use the status available. Filter the list to available jobs.

When a user accepts a job, change the status to pending.

When a user completes the job, change it to complete.

You’ll want two user relation fields to jobs - poster and accepter. You’ll name these however applicable to your app. For a delivery app, we use User and Driver. For a healthcare app it might be Patient and Doctor.

When a user posts a job, add them to the poster field. Then they can see a history of all of the jobs they’ve posted
When a user accepts the job, add them to the accepter field. Then they can see all the jobs they’ve accepted.

I made a tutorial on this for a delivery app -

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the response! Seems like I just made an error in the original setup. I watched your video on the delivery app though. Really Intuitive process, thanks for sharing.

My problem is resolved

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Hey Folks,

@Erik Saw Your tutorial in YouTube. Its really amazing…!

There are many tutorials as well as blogs to sort your queries!

@Seasta1 One Recent blog regarding healthcare app I came across and it might help you too…

How voice communication are delivering quality healthcare solutions

Hope this helps!