Simple list with multiple buttons

I am using a simple list for displaying tasks in my app. The simple list has only one action setting on the right hand side. I require (at least) 3 separate actions: 1) show task details, 2) subscribe to task and 3) delete task. A fourth action would also be welcome: rate the the task, for example.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how this can be elegantly achieved? I have tried using a sidebar which appears on the right upon clicking on the task. But I can’t get the “Current Task” to be passed to the action in the sidebar.

In principal, I need the current task to be passed to multiple action options.

Any ideas?

Many thanks for any suggestions!

@Gavan here are the steps you can follow:

  1. At Click of the task > Add Action to open a new screen and show talk details (this screen will always have the complete details of the task available for you)
  2. You can have multiple actions setup on the task details view: rate the task button, edit/delete the task (you can use icons/buttons for each of the action you want to perform)

@Gavan, have a you tried using a custom list? With a custom list you can customize and add anything and everything. Side note: the icons you add to your list will only show up in the top cell in the editor but on the live version and/or in preview your icons will be in all viewable cells! I hope this helps and if you would like and I can take some screen shots of some custom lists I have made.

@Jacob_Lange, many thanks for your suggestion. Due to the fact that I have used the simple list in the rest of my screens (users, groups, etc.), I wanted to keep the same style in the tasks list. I had envisaged something like this:

… where the right hand menu appears upon tapping the element in the list. The problem is, that my new menu knows nothing of the “current task”, and cannot perform any relevant operation … unless there is a way to pass on that data…?
I may consider converting all my lists to custom lists for this reason; I would very much appreciate any examples you can provide.

Many thanks!

@Gavan, I created a little demo of a quick and easy fix to your simple list problem! Use this log in when logging in…

Pswd: pssd

View the demo: HERE

I did not go too into detail with the data base, functionality, or the overall appeal… I was mainly trying to figure out a way for you to keep your simple list throughout your app. Let me know if this helps!

@Jacob_Lange Hey, thank you very much for that idea and your demo! Great idea! I have combined your idea with mine and come up with this:

It is a combination of the modal screen and my sidebar. This lets me keep the simple list, use the sidebar menu as intended AND have the current task be passed to the icons/actions. Plus have as many icons as I like. I have only had a quick look at it, but I can’t see any disadvantages… Looks great!

Many thanks for you inspiration!

Great stuff

@Gavan, That is wonderful! So glad I could help! I think it has a very clean look now, cant wait to see the completed version!