How can I have only one button in a list?

Hello, how can I have only one button in a list?

Hiya welcome, simply set the Max amount of items in the list


Hi, thanks I’m trying to make a list that will allow the user to select multiple colors on the same page, and when the user finishes their selection the user can then click on a “finish button” that will link the data to another page, I would not like to have several “Finish button” I just want to have a finish button how to do?

That’s a bit more complex, but you can start by removing the Finish button from the list and placing it outside to collect the info.

Further, definitely try dissecting these 2 clone-able templates, and post back with any specific troubles.

No other way to send data from one page to another while using a list?

Maybe a list within a list could work here.

Create a custom list and delete all components except for a ‘Finish’ button. Then highlight your list, go to components on the left hand side and add another custom list inside of it.

Set the second list to be your list of colours with a toggle button so a user can select the colours. Once the user has made their selection they can press the finish button at the bottom.

I’m not 100% sure but I think this method will work :slight_smile:

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