Build Output screen basis User demographic


I work on a project as a freelancer for an NGO, we need to build in a simple tool, where users can input their age, weight, and health conditions, the output page should show a routine of suggestions for the user.

It’s like building the code “if a user is below 10 years, and weights 25 KG with Level 1 infection” . Output Page to show " User should do the following list of things regularly & take these medicine doses on time"

Any way to do this ?

Hi @soumyachoudhary91 ,

Take a look at this cloneable app.


Thanks, YONGKI, much appreciated your help.


Can you help me with why my Recommendation screen is not showing any list items?

And if I fill in details in User form it’s not updating the database.

Sorry, I am extremely new to this platform and getting stuck in the whole process.

Sharing my app link : HIV Info

@soumyachoudhary91 ,

I need to see the collections’ content and your suggestion screen is not linked yet.

When building new app, it is also a good practice to show debug information on screen, so we can anticipate what value is not correct.

How can I initiate a debug screen & where is the flaw in linking, so far I have made your clone app as it is in my app.

Debugging in Adalo, it means we put text and filled with magic text of content that we want to see at runtime.

So if your list does not show up, try to check the filter and show them on text.

If use are just copying the logic from my app, how is it doing in the original clone app.

Screen Recording 2021-07-14 at 11.07.54 AM