Size of Images for Screens

Hi Guys,
I would like to create a Homepage which uses images for navigation.

Is there a typical size that is recommended? Also does anyone know of an free image repository I can use.


  • Keep the image’s size to what you need. For example, don’t use a 5,000x5000 pixels image if what you need is 300x300.
  • You can use to host the images.
  • There’s no typical size. It all depends on the needs of your page.
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More details pls

Thanks I do understand. Is there a image library you know of I can use? I am trying to simply use a home page with images to use for navigation for the app.

Image library to get images?

Plenty out there! It’s a Google away. to name one.

Thanks. Is there a tool you can recommend to size images easily not photoshop?


Again, you will find many tools to resize images with a simple Google search.

Even your computer has one, either Windows or Mac; both have simple image editing tools.